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We know that your pooch will love our tasty treats, but if you're unsure, feel free to read what others have said. Over the years that we have been in business, people have taken time to express gratitude, and their words say it best.

Dental Study

In the fall of 1994, Fido conducted a series of dental studies to prove the effectiveness of its dental chew bone dog toys.
This included basic canine chewing characteristics of the products and scientific studies at the Kansas State University which measured plaque, stain and calculus on dogs who were given bones to chew. Both a Dirty Tooth Model Study and a Clean Tooth Model Study were conducted by Veterinarians with special training in grading dental substrates.  In conclusion both studies proved Fido’s Superflex, Extra Tuff and Nylon Tuff Plus dog toy products were effective in controlling dental plaque, stain and calculus. No untoward oral tissue effects were observed in the dogs provided Fido products.
Sincerely,  John J. Hefferren, PhD


"I have the good fortune to live down the block from Cat and Phil, owners of Fido Dog Bones. Every day I walk past their house on the way to take my dog Goose for a walk. Being the good neighbors they are they have from time to time given us some of their Fido dog bones. Goose, who is usually a well-behaved pooch almost always loses his composure walking by their house. He knows there are bones there and he wants them. He pulls, he tugs and when there are no new bones he cries in disappointment.

A few weeks ago Cat and Phil gave me a bag of their bones for Goose. He always gets a treat at 6:00 in the evening and after getting the new bones I made a big mistake. I had the temerity to give  Goose another type of bone instead. I actually put it in his mouth but discerning dog that he is he was having none of it. He just dropped that inferior product and kept nosing toward the Fido Bones. What could I do, classy is classy and he just had to have the best - Fido."


Dr. Jeff Young, DVM - Planned Pethood - Denver, CO

"I am a practicing DVM for a dog named Rudy, an 8 years old Weimaraner who came in for tumor problems. Upon examining his teeth, I was totally amazed at the white appearance and the total lack of plaque and tartar accumulation which is common in dogs his age.  Upon questioning Catherine, the dogs’ owner she informed me that she was not brushing his teeth daily. She had been feeding him a new product called Sea Biscuit with sea kelp on a daily basis.  The results are amazing and I would enthusiastically endorse this product for a dogs dental hygiene."

Mr.&Mrs. Martin H. Nee, Aruacla, CO.

“We purchased some superflex bones for our two dogs. They love them. Thank you for making a safe product for our animals, keep up the good work.”

Mari Garrod, Titusville, FL

“I bought a vanilla flavored doggy disk for my neighbor’s 10 year old miniature poodle that went blind and could not find his toys. He found the disk in seconds. The two children were elated that they could now play with their dog again. Thanks for such a nice product. It does work with a pet that has lost his eyesight.”

Susan Hunter, Detroit, MI

“I love your Doggy Disk(DD-840) for my Boston Terriers. Even my Rottweilers have not been able to destroy them. It is a wonderful product.”

Cecile Pidlaseck, Bridgewater, TX

“This Doggy Disk, is the only one our dog doesn’t chew and for her, it represents everything. She doesn’t go anywhere without it.”

Tom & Jeanette, Crestwood, IL

“My dog Maty loves the Doggy Disk. It got lost in the creek. Maty cried and whined and looked in the creek every time she went outside. Your kindness in mailing us a replacement so quickly is really appreciated.”

Kathy Hutt, Indianola, IA

“In reference to your Extra Tuff Bone. I have a 6 year old Golden Retriever and 2 yorkies and have never had to have their teeth cleaned by our vet. I started the dogs on these when they were just puppies. Our vet is always amazed that they have no tartar.”

Mark Stock, Jacksonville, FL

“I cannot even begin to adequately convey how ecstatic Pippit (my pitbull) was when we opened the box… she couldn’t decide which Doggy Disk to grab first.”

Maggie May

“How many Golden Retrievers do you know that get their own shipment of Bowser Balls. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was so excited I couldn’t eat my supper. I played all evening and night. In the morning I had every one of them in bed with me.”

Carol Lisk

“Your Superflex Bone is the only bone my Schauzer hasn’t destroyed in minutes. He is a very aggressive chewer! Thanks!”

Connie Swing, Cincinnati, OH

“I have two yorkies who absolutely love your superflex bones.”


“I love to play Frisbee. I have had several Nylabone Frisbees that were too hard after a few weeks. Your Doggy Disk is durable yet soft enough not to hurt my mouth. It isn’t indestructible but last longer than the Nylabone products and I have only had to have it replaced because I hide them in the yard.”

Casie, Laguna Hills, CA

“After years of my owner replacing expensive frisbees at least twice a week; they actually quit buying things for me and playing with me. Then they saw your ad in a catalogue. They really didn’t believe it was as good as you said. But…the first one is still flying great after a month.”

Grace Baclawski, Grosse Ile, MI

“After five weeks of giving my dog the Naturals Sea Biscuit Bones; her dogs teeth were much cleaner and much fresher breath.”

Catherine Dews, Denver, CO

“I treat my dog (Rudy) to a Naturals Sea Biscuit Bone every day. Rudy went in for surgery. The vet wanted to know what I was feeding my dog that his teeth were so clean.”

Joyce Keyes, Fond du Lac, WI

"We have had Rottweilers since 1979 and your Bowser Balls are the only balls they have not been able to destroy within a few days. Over the years, we have purchased many of them at Menard's; two got split at the seam after many, many hours of play and chewing, but the others stayed intact, even though my 117 pound female, Hannah, who was very ball-driven, would chew on them for hours and hours. My Hannah died recently of cancer and we now have a 2 year old and a 4 month old puppy. We have given these balls to other dogs and some seem to have just disappeared into a nook or cranny where they cannot be found.  Since we are down to just 2 balls, I decided that we should stockpile a few more, but found that Menard's no longer carries them. There is no company name on the balls, but I finally remembered that they were called Bowser Balls and found them on your website. I want to thank you for making this product, which has been a real favorite for our dogs, and thus, for us."