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All of our pet products feature Innovative High-tech designs which were developed with your dogs oral health and well being in mind.

In cooperation with a leading veterinary dentist and after careful study of the dogs instinctive chewing behavior and teeth and jaws, we engineered our first bone design to be wedge shaped and curved on the ends which helps fit the way dogs chew. This design helps significantly to control tartar and plaque build up, which can lead to periodontal disease. Research shows 85% of dogs over the age of three have some form of gingivitis or oral health problems. Our products have cured this problem and helps eliminate bad breath in dogs. We took our unique design and mated it with a unique synthetic rubber which is flexible but highly durabl. This high performance material lasts and lasts and is available in two hardness levels and is called Superflex and Extratuff. Then the material is internally flavored with beef, chicken ,and vanilla flavors in a patented method to create the taste dogs love! Our acceptance level is approximately 90%, so dogs really love them.
Some dogs were even more destructive so we also developed a stronger and durable bone for extremely aggressive dogs called Nylon Tuff Plus. After 3 months of testing with a German Shepard the bone was reported to be the strongest bone they had ever given their dog. We now have these super strong and long lasting nylon dog chews for every size and chewing ability including the new Chew Grenades. Our products have been tested and used by Veterinarians,Kennels,and professional trainers.

We then created a whole line of edible Naturals dog treats

These products were carefully developed with a firm chewy texture so they would give the dog a good teeth-cleaning, breath freshening chew. We also used natural ingredients and developed six delicious tasty flavors for these dog treats that are irresistible to dogs. Liver, Cheese, Peanut, Carrot, Super Breath, and Belly Bones. Our Naturals are made in theree great sizes that are perfect for very breed.
Our main competitors cannot compete with the great flavors and design of FIDO pet products. We have the quality, the taste, the design, the durability and low prices too. Our products are comparable to products from Nylabone,Greenies,and Kong.

Remember we have lots of great fetch and play toys too.

Monster Chew, a radical new toy for the 21st century! Monster Chew is scientifically designed to help fight separation anxiety!! We found the Monster Chew to be stronger than Kong! Another break through in design and material technology! It even tastes better than Kong and holds treats too.