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DAVID CITY, NE KV VET SUPPLY COMPANY 515-233-1881 http://www.kvsupply.com
LINCOLN, NE MONARCH CANINE SERVICES 402-326-4595 http://www.monarchcanineservices.com
OMAHA, NE LONG DOG FAT CAT 1 402-933-1123 http://www.longdogfatcat.com
OMAHA, NE LONG DOG FAT CAT 2 402-991-1124 http://longdogfatcat.com
OMAHA, NE NATURE DOG 402-697-7156 http://naturedogomaha.com
OMAHA, NE THREE DOG BAKERY-DAVENPORT 402-614-3647 http://www.threedog.com
OMAHA, NE THREE DOG BAKERY-FARNUM 402-715-4500 http://threedogomaha.com
OMAHA, NE WAG 402-502-7600 http://www.wag.com
OMAHA, NE WOOF & WHISKERS 531-222-9100