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Belly Bones


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Medium 8 Piece Bag
PN: NA-565
Medium 20 Piece Bag
PN: NA-569
Large 10 Piece Bag
PN: NA-749
Large 4 Piece Bag
PN: NA-564
Small 20 Piece Bag
PN: NA-349
Small 13 Piece Bag
PN: NA-566
Mini 30 Piece Bag
PN: NA-285
Mini 21 Piece Bag
PN: NA-568
Belly Bones are made with yogurt as well as prebiotic and probiotic.
Naturals Dental Care Chewy potato and rice formula
Unique design and chewy texture cleans dogs' teeth as they chew and helps freshen breath.
These bones are pressure molded not baked. They taste great, are healthy and safely digest, unlike rawhide that have a risk of blockage. Please always supervise your pets so they do not gulp our treats without chewing them first. Proper size of treats depending on breed is recommended
Calorie Content: Lg/215, Med/102, Sm/66, Mini/40 per bone
Large = 5-3/8", Medium = 4" Small = 3-3/4", Mini 3-1/4"
Ingredients: Potato flour, rice flour, vegetable glycerin, potato starch, natural flavor, dried kelp, canola oil, parsley, lecithin, glycerol, flaxseed oil, yogurt powder, fructooligosaccharide(prebiotic), citric acid(preservative), magnesium, dried bacillus coagulans fermentation product(probiotic).
Contains total microorganisms minimum of 14,000 CFU/gram.

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