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ENGENE, OR WAGS! DOG EMPORIUM 541-338-8801 http://www.wagsdog.com
HILLSBORO, OR NATURE’S PET / ORENCO 503-693-3151 http://www.naturespetmarket.com
McMINNVILLE, OR NATURE’S PET / McMINNVILLE 503-434-5900 http://www.naturespetmarket.com
McMINVILLE, OR VALLEY FEED /BUCHANAN 503-472-2610 http://www.buchananceller.com
MEDFORD, OR NATURE'S PET MARKET OF MEDFORD 541-500-8484 http://www.naturespetmarket.com
PLEASANT HILL, OR PLEASANT HILL FEED & FARM SUPPLY 541-741-2751 http://www.pleasanthillfeed.net
PORTLAND, OR THE HIP HOUND 503-841-5410 http://www.hiphoundpdx.com
PORTLAND, OR LEXIDOG IN THE PEARL 503-243-6200 http://www.lexidog.com
PORTLAND, OR PETS ON BROADWAY-PORTIAN 503-282-5824 http://www.petsonbroadway.com
PORTLAND, OR SALTY'S DOG SHOP 503-249-1432 http://www.saltyspetsupply.com
PORTLAND, OR SELLWOOD DOG SUPPLY 503-239-1517 http://www.sellwoodpetsupply.com
SALEM, OR NATURE’S PET / SALEM 503-362-4555 http://www.naturespetmarket.com
SALEM, OR SOUTH SALEM PET SUPPLY 503-585-0553 http://www.salempet.com
SHERWOOD, OR NATURE'S PET 503-625-3530 http://www.naturespetmarket.com
STAYTON, OR ARK ANIMAL CARE 503-767-2755 http://arkanimalcare.org